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ValvCheQ DCV W/- RSGV - Fire Service Assembly - 80mm

ValvCheQ DCV  W/- RSGV - Fire Service Assembly - 80mm
Brand: ValvCheQ
Product Code: 080 DC03 CO FS RSGV
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  • ValvCheQ DCV W/- RSGV - Fire Service Assembly - 80mm

    Compact simple design. Now inline and onsite serviceable. No special tools required for servicing. Lifting lugs to assist with installation. Designed and manufactured in accordance with AS/NZS 2845.1.1998. Straight through flow path for maximum flow co-efficient. Top entry allows all parts to be accessed easily. Stainless steel internals for superior corrosion resistance. Fully restrained check valve assemblies for unrivalled safety. Ductile Iron body for high strength and impact resistance. Jotun Corro-Coat corrosion resistant FBE coating to AS 4158. Every valve is bench tested and tracked with unique serial number. All internal components are repairable or replaceable. All internal and external bolting is stainless steel. Conforms to testing requirements of AS/NZS 2845.3.1998. Anti-tamper test taps. Design conforms to all major international standards. Installations can be vertical and horizontal. Double check valves for medium hazard rated applications. 65 - 150mm flanged end connections.

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